March 10, 2024

Day 73: Lagos (Drive/Cycle)

Today I crossed the border into Portugal and almost crossed from one side to the other: I was only thwarted by the siren call of Lagos!

I've tried to remember when I was last here. I think it was 2001 but, can't be certain! I suppose those original brain cells that certainly stored that info are now long gone!! Leaving nothing to take their place! So it goes!

However, during my Lagos re-orientation bike ride, I did find Villa Palmar where I spent many a happy summer. Yet, just like my brain cells, the villa that once was Villa Palmar is no more. Instead, a new edifice is under construction: the only constant is change! Sadly, as evidenced by my "missing in action" brain cells, not all change is for the better!

Perhaps when the building works are finished it will look like this recently sold property on the opposite side if the road:

Freewheeling down hill (just like my brain cells) I arrived at Praia de Porto de Mós:

All-in-all it has been quite an emotional return to Lagos.

  • Distance driven: 130 miles
  • Distance cycled: 19 kilometres
  • Weather: Some cloud, about 17°C.
  • Location: Google Maps