March 13, 2024

Day 76: Lagos (Ciclismo)

Out cycling with all my friends again - solo!

As a consequence of a South-easterly tailwind, I was effectively blown most of the way from Lagos to Aljezur via Vila do Bispo.

I've previously cycled to Aljezur and I expected to see eucalyptus trees on they way, but saw hardly any: perhaps another errant memory causing confusion!

I did see the after effect of fire affected trees and it does look as though some are recovering: maybe fires took out the eucalyptus?

Shortly after leaving Aljezur there was a steady 10% climb, but the road was in good condition and the road traffic was significantly reduced.

I enjoyed the ride - with the tailwind it made for a pretty fast ride and, the 3-scoop ice cream (Pistachio, Strudel and Limoncello) topped off a good day in Portugal.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 99 miles
  • Weather: Sunshine and clouds. Temperatures about 18°C at 10AM and 23°C at 2PM.

Today's ride: