March 15, 2024

Day 78: Loulé (Drive)

A bit of rest and recuperation was the order of the day.

So, after breakfast, a visit to Aldi, Pingo Doce and, finally, to the Dutch Supermarket where highly recommended 3.5 year old Gouda was purchased, it was off to Meia Praia, which is a 4.5 kilometre (about 2.8 miles) beach, for lunch.

Later I took a stroll along the Meia Praia boardwalk to Lagos to have one last go at the ice cream - 3 days => 9 flavours tasted!

A yacht making its way to the Marina:

The Lagos Ferry Cats' Home (apparently you can adopt a cat here!)

One Boat, Three Buoys and Three Birds:

The train line and boardwalk:

Cycle route planning and park-up location research was undertaken on my return to the van before driving to Loulé. Yet again arriving in the dark. Whereupon dinner was made: Sardines and salad, followed by some dark chocolate and, a little while later, an apple!

  • Distance driven:
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Low cloud in the AM, Sunny with some cloud in the PM. Chilly in the AM, pleasantly warm in the PM.
  • Location: Google Maps