December 29, 2023

Day 1: Dover to Noyant-Villages

It is time for another adventure, and is going to be a variation upon last year's Southern Spain odyssey. Stay tuned for, what I hope to be, daily updates.

It has not start well. Last night was spent in Dover. Unfortunately, after dinner, whilst doing some financial house keeping, I discovered I no longer had my credit card! Long story short, it was about 90 miles away from myblocation in Dover! Accordingly, there followed a near 180 mile round trip to recover card and park up where I'd previously been some 4 hours earlier. It was midnight!

Then, having only banked about 2 hours of sleep (I tend not to sleep too well when I've set an alarm clock to wake me up at stupid o'clock - in this instance, it was 5 minutes to the hour of 6 in the am) it was time to catch the Ferry to Calais.

All seemed to be going well, (the sailing went without incidence and the sea state was not as bad as I'd anticipated, given the weather forecasts) until my navigation / roaming mobile set up failed me (or perhaps, in the first instance, it was my nearly 60 year old brain that failed me!), resulting in an unintended journey along a French Toll road costing €1.90 (or should that be "Idiot Tax" instead of Toll!).

All was not lost, I eventually arrived at destination "rest and be thankful", - i.e. Noyant-Villages, at about 7.30 PM (CET). I was knackered!

  • Distance driven: 322 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: mostly rainy with strong gusting wind.
  • Location: Google Maps