December 28, 2022

Day 0: Pre - Departure

  • I found a recommended moterhome/campervan route through France and Spain that minimised road toll charges.
  • I collated some 70 cycling routes from Valencia in the East through to the Portuguese border in the West.
  • I booked a ferry (definitely not with P&O).
  • Got an international driving permit (my ye olde pink paper driving licence is not recognised in Spain!).
  • Applied and paid for "Crit'Air", which is required if you wish to enter road traffic low emission zones in France (e.g., Rouen). Even though I ordered it in October it did not arrive before I left at the end of December! Perhaps a Brexit thing - who knows!
  • Got a "UK Global Health Insurance Card"; just in case!
  • And got my Irish passport. Thankfully!