April 9, 2023

Day 102: Varennes-sur-Loire (cycle)

Oh well, that's it,the final cycle ride of this odyssey has definitely been had. Tomorrow it is a drive to somewhere near to Calais and then the ferry to the UK the day after.

However, there was a surprise this morning. It was sunny, when I had expected overcast conditions. It turns out that by the time I'd had my evening meal; planned a cycle ride for today; written Day 101's post; done Duolingo; tidied up; cleaned my teeth etc.; and made my bed, the evening had slipped into tomorrow. Therefore, when I checked the weather forecast for today I actual checked today's tomorrow's weather forecast!, which was forecasting day long overcastness. And that was the reason for the surprise: when I looked out of the window at 9.15am (the latest I've woken up since the Battle of Valencia: me vs mosquitoes!) it was wall-to-wall sunshine! A nice surprise.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all good news: another surprise was the bike had a flat rear tyre - the first in over 2,750 miles!

A fork in the road on Easter Sunday:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 117 km
  • Weather: Almost perfect cycling weather: at times the breeze's speed was a little too fast!

Today's route: