July 1, 2014

Day 106: Ordway (1,314m, 4,311ft)

With the sun on my back and the wind on the starboard bow, veering to the port bow and with outstanding vistas all around it was a most fantastic ride today.

Also, whilst stopping to take photographs along our route in Eastern Colorado, I became aware of the utter silence; no bird song, no grasshopper/cicada sounds, no wind induced noise, no anthropogenic noise: just total silence. It was a pleasure.

Co.mp4 from dpalmer001 on Vimeo.

However, there was an abundance of wild flowers alongside the road, which contrasted well with the grassy, ploughed or desert like land beyond.

Flowers: Yellow
Yellow Flowers

Creatures: Insects

Road: Yet more of 96!

Oh, and then there is Ken on his Fat Bike, it does make a noise, one hell of a noise!

Ken and Fat Bike