March 28, 2014

Day 11: Stafford


So a typical riding day starts between 6 and 6.30 am, which I would normally regard as stupid o'clock! Coffee is ready at 6.30am and breakfast officially commences at 7am, but usually people tuck in anytime after 6.30am. Washing, cleaning of teeth and the taking down of tents kind of occurs any time after 6am. Riders then start to depart anytime from 7am. Indeed I have noticed that the start time has been getting progressively earlier for some. Indeed if they are not careful they'll soon be leaving before they've arrived!. Mostly either Kieth or I is last to leave shortly after 8am.

We ride to our destination, typically, arriving early afternoon. Some a little later. Whereupon tent pitching occurs, followed by showering and clothes washing.

The cooks (we take it in turns, two per night) start to prepare dinner at 4pm and, typically it is ready for 6pm.

Then, shortly after dinner there is a "map meeting", where the follow day's route is discussed and coffee, ice cream stops and final watering holes are highlighted, especially where there are great distances between available water, which can be in excess of 30 - 40 miles.

Thereafter the bloggers blog and the rest phone home and/or go to bed. Typically we are all snuggled up in our tents by 9pm.

Sleep soon overwhelms us and we dream of the next day's ride, which tomorrow is a tough 80 mile ride most of which is up hill!