July 20, 2015

Day 125: Fort Dodge (RAGBRAI Day 2)

A rainy start to the day, but it brightened up some time in the morning. I know not exactly when as my natural sense of time is all to kilter due to the very early starts: this morning people were decamping at approximately 4.45am. I eventually managed to drag myself to a sitting position sometime after 5am. If you cannot bet them join them!

Here is a photograph of Storm Lake at approximately 6.20am:

And here is a photograph taken at the handmade ice cream stop, which was located approximately 4 miles from the end of today's ride. I must admit that I was getting rather concerned that unbeknownst to me I may have inadvertently passed it, which obviously would have been disastrous for moral!

I am now off to undertake an emergency repair of my number one pair of cycling shorts that have developed extra ventilation in an area that could develop into an embarrassment if not attended too as a matter of urgency!