July 28, 2014

Day 133: Zims (Near New Meadows)

So whilst in Missoula, at ACA, I purchased a thermometer thingy that replaces the standard stem cap.

Today whilst cycling through Hells Canyon (North America's deepest river gorge) the thermometer read 120°f. Many in the camp contend that it was not that hot and, as such, the thermometer must be wrong.

However, when independently checking it against other thermometers the readings were similar. Anyway, even if the thermometer is not as accurate as one would like, it was still very hot and all complained about the temperature. Ergo, we can conclude that we were cycling in very hot conditions; probably the hotest of the tour.

Oh, and by the way, the day's cycling was splendid, especially on Old 95 and alongside Snake River.