August 2, 2014

Day 136: Baker City

It strikes me that stupid people come in many guises. One such genus of idiot has clearly identified themselves to me in recent days. Previously others have complained about these morons but, until now, these specimens had proved to be somewhat elusive to me. Then, today, two broke cover in quick succession. To my suprise both were driving pickup trucks. Their modus operandi is to sneak up on their intended bicycling victim and then, just as they pass by, accelerate at maximum power so as to expel vast quantities of exhaust fumes and soot. What fun? Simpletons!. Apparently this form of entertainment has various monikers, including: Coal Rolling or Prius Repellent.

It is likely that you wouldn't let a youngster have a milkshake (chocolate) at 8.30am, even if they had ridden 12 miles before hand. It is also unlikely that at 12.30pm you would allow them to eat large scoops of raspberry sorbet and vanilla black cherry. Then, having decided that the raspberry sorbet was really good, go back for more. To only discover that the day's special is fresh raspberry milkshake and so purchase said milkshake (medium = 20 fl oz). Oh, and then at 8pm consume 3/4 pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. That is why it is so much better being an adult, rather than a kid!