March 31, 2014

Day 14: Rest Day in Silver City

Finally managed to get the stats page updated and online.

Yesterday evening we (Cindy, Molly, Cathy, Keith and I) had an outstanding dinner in The Curious Kumquat. Rob, the owner and chef goes foraging in the morning and cooks what he finds for the evening dinner, which typically consists of 5 to 7 courses. I would highly recommend it if you should find yourself in Silver City, but be sure to book in advance.

Seen on Bullard St, Silver City.

Today was our second rest day. A group of us visited the Gila (pronounced hee-la) cave dwellings, which was interesting from both an archaeological and geological perspective.

I also discovered that there is a law in America that means that it is possible to be an Unamerican American!

There is also a fine purveyor of Gelato in Silver City on Bullard St. The Gila Conglomerate and Chocolate flavours are recommended, especially the night before cycling over the Continental Divide twice!