September 8, 2014

Day 172: China Camp State Park

In the knowledge that we were catching a train to Martinez at 1:09pm, a lie-in until 8am was the order of the day. Then it was laundary, followed by eggs benedict at Toni's.

A late arrival at Martinez (4pm), was followed by a steep climb to the scenic shoreline road, which after a few miles we discovered was closed for repair. So begrudgingly we retraced our route back to Martinez and found an alternate route.

Eventually, after a 50 mile cycle, at approximately 8:30pm, we found ourselves at the China Camp State Park Campground, where we pitched our tents and ate our evening meal, with our head touches providing the light.

But all was not bad; for the first time I saw, non flattened, raccoons at close quarters.

No photos today.