September 24, 2014

Day 191: San Diego

..... so I return to the place where I started 191 days ago ... six months older ... hopefully somewhat fitter .... a little more tanned .... and probably none the wiser!

It's been a most enjoyable adventure ..... I'll be back for more ..... watch this space for updates!

The final statistics are:
Distance: 10,540 miles
Elevation Gain: 130,000 metres
Punctures: 9
Rainy Days 8
Crashes (resulting in new bike) 1

Coffee: Cappuccino at Plaine (Alpine, Texas)
Beer: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout by North Coast Brewing Company (Zeitgeist, San Francisco)
Sorbet: Rasberry at Gelateria Naia (San Francisco)
Gelato: Lemon and Poppyseed at Exquisite Taste (Pueblo, Colorado)
Ice Cream: Licorice (probably coloured by the first time that I'd tried it) at Big Dipper (Missoula) and most of all of the others came a very very close second)
Milkshake: Fresh Raspberry at Charlie's (Baker City, Oregon)
Eggs Benadict: Fred's (Sausalito)
Restaurant: Curios Kumquot (Silver City, New Mexico) (for combination of food, chef and company)
Bicycle Shop: River City Bicycles (they lent me a bike to retrieve padlock key from hotel room! But have a great selection of gear (inc. Rapha) and bikes) (Portland)
Microbrewery (visited): Caldera (Ashland) (for many reasons, especially after a 110 mile ride)

P.S. I am not looking forward to the wet, dark, cold days that will welcome me when I return to Glasgow. I have become accustomed to hot, clear, sunny days!