April 9, 2014

Day 23: Marathon

A great cycle ride today. V. cold start, the temp was 32°f at 8 am, but rose to 50°f by 9 am and 80°f in the afternoon.

At Alpine visited the local saddlery, where Keith bought some Jingle Bobs.

Spurs and Jingle Bobs

Also passed by the Big Bend Cowboy Church (Services 10.30 every Sunday)


And Judy's Bed and Breakfast (closed Tuesdays)


This evening Molly and I cooked a beef stew. I followed this with an 18 year old Caol Ila malt whisky. This was meant as both a carrot to help me through the cooking process and a delayed celebration of passing through the 1000 mile mark. Only 9,000 or so to go!