January 22, 2023

Day 25 Denia (Drive/Cycle)

An early start to the day (at least it was for me). Having an owl rather than lark phenotype, I'm more of a night time kind of guy (but, definitely not something of the night!). So 7.30am is an early start for me!

You see, I needed to be on the road and driving for 8am to arrive in good time in Denia where I was meeting up with Lynn and Darrell, along with a small posse of their fellow Norton Wheeler cyclists.

For those that don't know, over the years I have been on various cycle tours led by our illustrious leader Lynn, and ably supported by Darrell (mechanic and good egg). Here's a photo of Lynn at the summit of the main climb of the day:

Prior to the climb we saw the "Frying Tonight" statue in honour of the world's fish fryers:

And now for a view out towards Calpe, where I would have been if Lynn and the gang were not in Denia:

It was a good day of cycling and I enjoyed the company. Especial thanks to Lynn for inviting me along and Paul for suggesting the route and coffee/lunch stops.

  • Distance driven: 22 miles
  • Distance cycled: 81km
  • Weather: Chilly start (approximately 7°C, but warm in the afternoon).
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's ride: