April 20, 2015

Day 34: Escalante

I think that I may have solved my cold feet problem occurrences when the temperature is way below 0°C, as it has been at the Grand Canyon, Zion Nation Park and Bryce Canyon, pit my mittens/gloves over my toes! It worked a treat last night!

When I left camp at 8.30am(ish) it was -1°C approximately 30 minutes lated I'd descended approximately 1,650ft and the temperature increased to 13°C!

Tonight I'm staying at Escalante Outfitters where they charge $5.67 for cyclists to pitch their tent: The cheapest campsite pitch I've encountered. In addition, the showers are spotless; there is wifi; they serve good coffee; and the restaurant is open until 9pm. When I've completed this blog entry it is Pizza for me. And, currently they are playing Billy Holiday. I think I've probably found the best cyclist campground in Christendom (especially as they are due to get their beer license in the coming weeks: currently they only offer Off Sales). Highly recommended stopover.