April 23, 2014

Day 38: Chicot State Park


Today was a short day of cycling. We all dashed to the campsite so that we could be washed and ready to go for a 3pm depart to the Bayou for some etouffee and ponce. So today is the day that we get to try authentic Cajun food.

So etouffee is a crawfish roux served with rice, and ponce is pork and spices etc cooked in the pig's stomach. We also had boudin, which is a pork based sausage.

Our food was cooked by Steve, Pat, Cindy and Greg and was organised by Florida Keith, who is an old friend of Steve's. It was a great privilege to be afforded this opportunity to try these authentic Cajun dishes cooked especially for us. Thanks, Keith, Steve, Pat, Cindy and Greg.