March 24, 2015

Day 4: On Train from Chicago to LA

At 3pm prompt our train pulled out of Chicago Union Station for a 43 hour train journey to Los Angeles. Some 10 minutes or so after departing I decamped to the Observation Car, where I stayed until approximately 10pm. What a great idea to have a train carriage with an upper deck where the seats face outwards. It gives a whole new perspective to landscape viewing. And to hear the odd quote, or two.

Quote of the day occurred as we were passing the midway point of our crossing of the Mississippi river. Someone remarked, "wow the Mississippi!" And her companion was heard to say, "where?" Which resulted in much laughter.

Currently I have a nagging feeling that either my biycle will not be waiting for me on my arrival in San Diego or, if it is, it will be damaged in someway. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly suprised and my concerns will be unfounded. In the meantime I'm doing my very best to ignore these nagging thoughts and, instead be mindful of the magnificent views outside the train's window. Although, the fact that the bike box was somewhat battered when I collected it on my arrival at JFK airport does not fill me with confidence.

Sunset from Observation Car