February 10, 2023

Day 44: El Campello (Cyclismo)

I mostly enjoyed today's cycle. If it had been a little warmer the descent from Puerto El Collao, elevation 890m, where the temperature was 5°C, would not have been so hypothermic! By the time I reached Jijona/Xixona (so good they gave it two names!) I was freezing. But it was partly my own fault: I should have taken a break in the descent at Torremanzanas/La Torra de les Macanes (another schizophrenic town!), and had a coffee and warmed up before continuing. So it goes! Otherwise, on a warmer day, I'd most definitely recommend today's route.

It was about 11.5°C when I arrived back at the van, at a little above sea level. And, shortly thereafter the sun came out for a couple of hours! It was almost like a summer's day in Scotland by 4pm! Especially as I encountered some smir near the summit of the BIG climb!

The next bit is a bit nerdy, so you may wish to skip it!

According to my Garmin the total ascent for todays ride was 451m, which is clearly incorrect as I rode from just about sea level to an elevation of 890m and, there were numerous ups and downs along the way.

I don't know why it got it so wrong. The other day when I reached the summit of Port de Tudons, elevation 1024m, the Garmin's reported elevation was only 10m out, which is pretty good. However, today when at an elevation of 890m, the Garmin was reporting 743m! Not good! Don't no why one day it is pretty accurate and another it spits out gibberish!

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 78km
  • Weather: Mostly overcast until early afternoon.

Today's route: