May 3, 2014

Day 47: Pensacola (Naval Air Base)

Today we took the 8am ferry from Dauphine Island to the mainland. Whilst on the ferry I was entertained by a dancing sea gull.

DancingGull.mp4 from dpalmer001 on Vimeo.

Obviously it was eyes left for these two birds as some VIP types passed by!

Eyes Left

Whilst these two were justing getting together


Then there are the 3 pelicans.


All photographed after leaving America's Birdiest Coastal Town.

Shortly there after we passed into Florida (The Sunshine State [So it is bound to rain now!]). Here is a photograph of Bill photographing Anne at the State Line.


Also, Cathy worked some chicanery such that Keith is now the bearer of the Racoon Thing-a-me-bob!

Finally, here is a photograph of my new (hopefully temporary) bike, clearly embarrassing the tree!