January 2, 2023

Day 5: Ares (Rest Day!)

Today was mostly spent getting this website thing-a-me-bob, resurrected, dusted down and, new posts created to cover the previous four days from the start of this current adventure.

Previously it was used to document my two American adventures and to allow those back home, and others, to track my progress and adventures should they choose to do so.  

It has been left dormant for many a year, even though, on many occasions, I'd planned to use it to document other cycling adventures. For example, a planned cycle/van tour of Europe that was cancelled due to Covid 19. On this adventure the van was to be used to transport me to the bottom of more than 200 cols scattered across Europe for me to then cycle up them.  

However, assuming the temperatures across Europe this summer are a foretaste of those likely to occur across Europe in the coming years it is almost certain that I'll now not embark on this adventure: regular 35°C to >40°C  summer temperatures are just too damn hot for this northern European who resides in Scotland.

Meanwhile, I also took the opportunity to undertake some vanwork this afternoon, which is similar to housework, except men have been known to undertake it without prompting from their women folk!

And here is a photo of my van at its park-up location in Ares, adjacent to the beach.

The blue van is my home!