February 17, 2023

Day 51: Murcia (Arrival)

Today marks the last day of the first half of this Spanish adventure!

I am currently parked up in a massive retail car park on the northern outskirts of Murcia. At 7.30pm-ish there must be at least 100 motorhomes/campervans spread over what appears to be the "offical" motorhome area and the adjacent retail car park. It does have a waste water point and apparently you can officially park here for 72 hours before having to move on. Having said that, there appear to be a few that look as though they've taken up permanent residency!

Prior to arriving here, I checked out the parking situation at the start location of tomorrow's cycle ride: The Via Verde Noroeste. I'm hoping to get an early start, so did the recce today.

Not the best of park-up locations, but it'll do for a night!

  • Distance driven: 47 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Cloud and sunshine, temperatures in the mid to high teens (°C).
  • Location: Google Maps