May 12, 2015

Day 55: Baggs

So it is goodbye to Colourful Colorado (shall we ever meet again?):

And hello to Wonderful Whimsical Wild West Wyoming!

So I thought that I may have to stealth camp tonight as there are no such facilities for the 165 miles or so between Steamboat Springs and Rawlins via CO 13 and WY 789 roads.

However, on arrival at Baggs, the first town (Pop 480 or so), on the Wyoming side of the Wyoming/Colorado border, I asked at the General Store if there was anywhere to camp? Elaine thought it was okay to camp overnight in the Town Park. From whom should I seek permission? I asked. Check in the Town Hall, she replied.

Well it turns out the Town Hall doubles up as the Police Station. The law enforcement officer within said establishment informed me that an Ordinance was passed a couple of years ago prohibiting camping in the Park. How much further did I wish to cycle? He asked. Well, having cycled 85 miles to get here not too much further, I replied. And I'm heading north. At which point he advised me that there was BLM (Beau of Land Management) land some 7 miles north that I could use. Indeed, I was pleased that he was able to provide a solution/alternative to not camping in the Town Park.

So I returned to the General Store to purchase some additional victuals. Whereupon, Elaine from the store asked how I'd got on? And as a result of that chat I am writing this blog entry within the spare piece of land at the bottom of her house! Thanks to Elaine and her husband's kindness I do not have to stealth camp. Yet, at first, I was not too sure about the offer as it involves sharing a field with some horses. Perhaps you can see them in the distance?

And, anyway, one should not look a gift horse in the mouth!

Thanks again for the offer it is much appreciated. Indeed, it gives me pleasure to sit in this field on a Monday evening in piece and quiet, well almost; except for the sounds of wildlife and domesticated animals getting on with their lives!