February 21, 2023

Day 55: Garrucha (Drive/Cycle)

Soon after I awoke this morning it started to RAIN! It was still at it when I'd finished my breakfast and cleaned up! This made the decision to leave Alhama de Murcia an easy one.

The plan was to move to Mojacar but, on arrival, it very quickly became blatantly obvious that the local authorities had absolutely no desire to have motorhomes parked up in their pueblo. I discovered that all of the previously recommended parking locations had signs prohibiting vehicles in excess of 5 metres from parking. And that's how I ended up in "no mans land" between Mojacar and Garrucha.

Perhaps this parking issue occurred today because I' passed into the Andalucia Autonomous Community from the Valencia Autonomous Community. And things are just different here. However, it could simple be that the town had been overrun by BIG WHITE MOTORHOMES, and the locals had had enough of it! I hope the foregoing is not a foretaste of things to come in Andalucia.

I know, a minor first world problem. The sun was shining by the time of my delayed Garrucha park-up. Accordingly all was well again in my world, and so off I went for an afternoon cycle! How easily pleased I am!

Here's a couple of photos:

  • Distance driven: 80 miles
  • Distance cycled: 75 km
  • Weather: Rain then sunshine in the afternoon.
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's Route (Start Mojacar: I actually started about 4km further north, towards Garrucha)