May 17, 2015

Day 59: Dubois

I'm not going to mention the weather (as we must all be getting bored with it!), other than to say that I was caught on the periphery of a storm with 20 miles of cycling to go. Was rather damp when I arrived at the Cowboy Cafe for Pie and Ice Cream, which I'd been fantasising about for the previous 19.9 miles!

Instead I'm going to mention John, who was in the Cowboy Cafe when I arrived. This ex Olympic curling champion was not only an interesting conversationalist he very kindly arranged for me to sleep in the St Thomas Episcopal Church, which was warm, dry and free! Thanks to John.

Tomorrow, to quote Johnny Cash "I'm goin' to Jackson" (Youtube). And if you like that, try this: Hurt

Oh, and by the way, the pie and ice cream was great (highly recommended).