June 16, 2015

Day 84: Mosquito Creek Campground

Yet another enjoyable ride. On the way Ewan's bike developed a noise. On investigation we discovered it was due to a buckled wheel as a consequence of a broken spoke. So we undertook to true it as best as we could with a view to getting at least one new spoke at the nearest bike shop: Lake Louise, approximately 30 miles down the road.

Whilst the spoke was replaced and the wheel trued we had lunch. Then we had a good climb up to Mosquito Creek Campground, which lived up to it's monicker! So as soon as my tent was up I took refuge in it, whilst Ewan and a fellow cyclist (Martin) braved it outside.

Next morning Ewan discovered that he had approximately 15 mosquito bites accross his forehead! And even though I took evasive action I still managed to aquire three bites. However, on the plus side I did execute at least four of the little B@$t@rd$! So honours even then!