June 16, 2015

Day 87: Icefield Campground

After some phaffing about (breakfast, groceries, new base layer for me and gloves for Ewan) we eventually departed Jasper at about 11.30am for the return cycle up to the Icefield.

On the way we joined Megan (firefighter, sustainable horticulturist, trail blazer, house builder and cycle tourist) for a most pleasant ride until we parted company at the Jonas Campground.

Ewan and I continued onto the Icefield Centre where there is also a hotel. Yes, given that it was nearly 8pm we were very tempted to take a room, but at $225 it suddenly did not seem so cold outside after all!

So off we went to the Icefield Campground where there were flurries of snow as we pitched our tents: we both agreed that we were very pleased to have camped rather than stayed in the hotel. (Also, of the two campgrounds the Icefield is definitely better than Wilcox for tenters).

Finally, I retired to my sleeping bag excited by the prospect of snow in the morning and a trip on to the Athabasca Glacier: it was just like Christmas Eve!