June 21, 2014

Day 91: Centerville

Today's News

Article 1: It rained for the first 18 miles.

Article 2: The sun did not bother to make an appearance until I arrived at destination. Accordingly, I wished I'd not bothered with the sun tan lotion.

Article 3: Had brunch in the Rustlers Diner, with Christi, Adell, Brendon, Jeff and Creed, and very enjoyable it was too.

Article 4: Helped two turtles in their effort to cross the road. Hopefully this prevented or, at least delayed, them adding to the road kill statistics!

Article 5: We are camping in the grounds of the Reynolds County Courthouse.

Article 6: Great raspberry milkshake at the 21 Diner (Centerville).

Article 7: Our replacement leader will join us on Tuesday. His name is Ken.

Article 8: Arlan, the ACA Tour Directot, will also be joining us for a few days.

Article 9: Sue will leave us on Friday. Good luck Sue with your own tours, it has been great having you onboard.

Article 10: And finally, the photograph for today's caption competition is:

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