April 7, 2023

Day 100: Beasain (Drive/Cycle)

Oh yes, A century of days!

After a drive, there was a very pleasant cycle in the Basque countryside. Photographs were taken using my mobile phone. Unfortunately the phone has been acting up and for reasons unbeknownst to me none of the photos were saved, but the camera app did pretended to take pictures! Only noticed none were saved when preparing to write this post. A restart of the phone fixed both the photo and sim card issues. It really is a shame because the photos were the best so far!!

Today's cycle was markedly different from where I've been cycling. It was almost as if I was cycling in a different country (ooops, probably not pc!). Shame about lack of photos!

  • Distance driven: 236 miles (Total: 2795 miles)
  • Distance cycle: 65 km (Total: 2759 miles) - So, van miles exceed bike miles again!
  • Weather: Excellent cycling weather
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's route: