April 7, 2024

Day 101: Cortes de la Frontera (Cycle)

Fortunately, I awoke to find myself in Day 101, rather than being in Room 101!

A gentle ride out today, mostly cycling upwards or downards: 27 kilometres of the total ride length of 56 kilometres were, according to the Garmin (navigational aid) climbing!

Descending down to El Colmenar - the route is very scenic but, the road surface is very poor; definitely not for descending at speed! Although I did catch up with the motorhome that overtook me on the climb and, was kind enough to pull over so that I could pass by.

If it was not for the haze the ride would have been more scenic.

A trio of signs - the most important being Puerto del Espino 780 m:

And this sign brought a smile to my face!

Finally, I returned to the edge of town:

Distance driven: 0
Distance cycled: 56 kilometres
Weather: Similar to yesterday but, cooler in the morning.

Today's route: