April 8, 2024

Day 102: Álora (Drive/Cycle/Drive

First a drive to Barriada de la Estacíon, where I had originally planned to stay for one night. However, I'm starting to feel time constrained: On the eighth day from today I'll be heading north for The Calais ferry to Dover. Accordingly, I chose to ride a shorter ride today and then move on to my current location, where I did have two rides planned. I'm now only going to do one of these and, then move to a new start location for the other ride: I don't really like my current park-up location but, it will do for one night! Ironically, the Barriada de la Estacíon park-up location was oh so much nicer: so it goes! Such are the vagaries of campervan living.

As for the ride, here's a view taken on my way to Ronda:

Arrival at Ronda:

This map shows today's route (can you guess where I was when the photo was taken?):

The route had about 1000 metres of climbing.
This Puerto was the second highest point of the day. I know so, because a descent led to the climb to it and, that descent was greater than the subsequent ascent:

A view taken about four kilometres from the final descent of the day, which was very much enjoyed. :

I expected the route to be scenic, and mostly it was.

  • Distance driven: 69 miles
  • Distance cycled: 51 kilometres
  • Weather: The sun came out and there was a cool northerly breeze.
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's route: