June 26, 2014

Day 101: Sterling

Today's Flower is: Yellow
White Flower
Today's Creature is: Zebra
Today's Road is: North Ridge Road
North Ridge Road
Today's Structure is: Purple Shed
Purple Shed

Today, on two occasions when I had stopped to take photographs very kind people stopped to ask whether I was ok or did I need help? Indeed the second guy obviously had not seen that I was on the other side of the road from my bike, which was lying beside the road, and had turned his pickup around, because he thought that I may have been lying in the road side ditch! Fortunately I was not, but I'm most grateful that he came to check. Thanks to you both for your thoughtfulness.

Camping in the City Park, adjacent to the lake. Sounds idyllic but, unfortunately, all the fish have died and it is stinking of rotting corpses!