June 26, 2014

Day 100: Newton

Wow, that is 100 days on the road!

Today's Flower is: White
White Flower
Today's Creature is: Bull
Today's Road is: Flinthills Road
Flinthills Road

Unfortunately we were routed down 150th Road, which had a section that they were resurfacing. This led to the accumulation of both tar and gravel on the bike's tyres, which was a pig to remove.
Also it rained for approximately 2 miles, which was ok as it meant that the temperature was relatively low. On arrival in Newton I noticed that there was a Braums, which is an ice cream outlet found throughout Kansas. So, obviously, I stopped for a scoup of Chocolate and one of Cherry. By the time I'd ordered the heavens opened and the downpour trapped me there for a half hour or so.
Finally, sadly Christi is leaving the group, as her Father is not too well. But, she hopes to rejoin us in a week or so.