June 26, 2014

Day 99: Eureka

Today's flower is: Violet
Blue Flower
Today's Creature is: A Grasshopper
Today's road is: US 54
US 54

I think that today more (live) animals were seen than on any other day of the tour. I saw:

  • 1 Deer.
  • 1 Snail.
  • 2 turtles.
  • 2 Hummingbirds (outside the Lizard Lips Diner/Convenience Store).
  • 1 Worm (hanging between a birds beak: at that time assumed to be still living.
  • 2 Owls (the first I saw I thought was an owl, but just about convinced myself that I must have been mistaken, as they are nocturnal creatures, when I saw a second that was definitely an owl).
  • ~50 vultures (congregated on the Lake Toronto Dam embankment).
    *More than 100 grasshoppers (to be found alongside Highway US54).
  • A multide of birds of various kinds (species unknown)
    and a smorgasbord of insects (including the largest mosquitoes to be found in Christendom, one of which bit me on the back of the neck at breakfast. It was it's final act on this planet!).

You may recall that I left you yesterday with storms raging to the North and South of our campsite? Well, shortly thereafter the wind speed increased from 0 to 9 or 10 on the Beaufort Scale in a matter of seconds, and the heavens opened. Later the thunder and lightning arrived but, fortunately not so close that we had to abandon the tents and seek refuge in the less than welcoming shower/toilet.
The morning was dry and we rode in overcast and (reĺàtiveĺy) cool weather conditions.