June 23, 2014

Day 98: Chanute


The early starters are starting even earlier. The hotel receptionist said that Carl and Bobsicle were away at 5.15am and the girls (Christi and Adell) were off at 5.45am. This is way too early for me, especially as I need my beauty sleep. So it was the usual 8am ish start for me (actually 8.15am).

Even in the heat of the Southern Tier I think the earliest anyone left was about 7am. Oh well, each to their own.

So today was our first real day of cycling in Kansas and although the roads have been straight the variation in the terrain made for an enjoyable ride; and the temperature was not too hot. This is probably because there are some heavy rain storms to the north and south of us. Hopefully we'll not run into them.

Yes the roads in Kansas are typically straight so you can go north, east, south or west. We appear to be limiting these further to just heading west and north, which clearly makes navigation easier.

Here we see Christi heading west.

Christi in Kansas

Saved a turtle that was flat on it's back! At least I think it was OK, because as I approached it, although it was upside down, it's head was sticking out. However, on placing it off of the road it neither moved or stuck it's head out, and I got bored of waiting. So, ever the optimist I'm assuming all was good and the turtle lived to see another day.


Goodnight, I leave you at 10pm (two hours after cyclist's midnight) with lightening flashes going off. Hopefully all will be dry in the morning.