June 28, 2015

Day 102: Glendive

Trash Photograph of the Day:

On the road for 6.21am this morning with the goal of cycling as much of the 106 miles to Glendive before the temperature becomes stifling, which become noticeably so by about 10.20am as we (Terry and I) descended in to Circle.

Circle, it could be worse, the locals could have been squares!

Tonight, following an abortive attempt at finding somewhere to camp, Terry, Eric and I will be spending the night in a motel where it is oh so much cooler than in a tent. Indeed, at 8.36pm the temperature outside was 83°F! So a good decision and, even better, Terri has volunteered to sleep on the floor, so I get a bed!

Fact of the Day: Montana became a State in 1889:

Yet another cyclist on the Northern Tier Route (this group is getting larger as each day passes!): meet Hannah: