June 29, 2015

Day 103: Medora

Crap Photograph of the Day:

Ever onwards we crossed into North Dakota.

Where the temperature was just as high as in Montana. Indeed, so hot that the tar was melting and sticking to the tyres whereupon loose gravel did stick. Fortunately the consequences were not too bad for most of us but, poor Eric has spent much time scrapping said melange from his tyres.

Here is a photograph of Eric and Terry:

And here is one of Carol, whom we met for the first time today:

This evening Terri and I went for a "Pitchfork Fondue Steak", which required some effort as the road to the venue was via a very steep hill, which on another day would certainly have built up an appetite if I was not already very hungry and thirsty! Funny how it was not what I had anticipated, but it certainly was an experience that fortunately I'll not be repeating but was glad to have experienced it anyway. Not really my scene. But it most certainly must be a mighty cash cow for someone (500 people or so all fed in the space of 90 minutes at a minimum fee of $29 ex Tax)

I certainly did not expect to find a Beach in North Dakota :