July 1, 2015

Day 104: Hebron

Jetsam Photograph of the Day:

Prior to cycling to Hebron we (Eric, Terry and I) visited the Roosevelt National Park, which is located in the North Dakota Badlands. Here is a photograph of Painted Canyon:

Whilst in the park we saw numerous herds of Bison:

And,perhaps 4 billion Prairie Dogs! Here is a photograph of one:

After the park I'd originally planned to cycle to Dickenson, but ultimately decided to press on to Hebron where my path crossef that of Alan's, who not only directed me to the city park where I camped but also offered me the opportunity to take a shower before pitching my tent, which I gladly accepted, especially as I'd sweated buckets during the day. Oh boy, Yer another very hot day.

Finally, I arrived in town at 7.30pm only to discover that it was in fact 8.30pm: I'd crossed into Central Time.

Finally, I broke a rear wheel spoke. It was all down to my own stupidity, which I'll not go into details here: what is done is done!

Finally, just because I may not have mentioned mosquitoes in recent posts does not mean that the war does not go on. This evening they where attacking with gusto, which resulted in me collecting yet more bites, but death came quickly to many a mosquito, so we'll call this skirmish a draw!

Finally, the fireworks were going off aplenty accross Hebron. When I asked why so many fireworks I was informed that it was in celebration of the 4th of July, some what premature I thought (today is the 29th of June)!

Finally, just as I thought the final firework had been set off, one more exploded at approximately 11.45pm and then all was quiet ..... except for the night trains and their very very very loud horns!