June 29, 2014

Day 104: Leoti


So early into the ride this morning I stopped to take a photograph:


Whilst taking said photograph I was attacked by marauding mosquitoes and biting black flies. It was when I remounted my trusty stead (The "W") that I thought that it would be an absolute nightmare if one were to get a puncture under these circumstances. Well, if I was not a believer in coincidences I am now. I was but less than a mile further down the road when my rear wheel became in need of the puncture repair kit. And yes the insects came to feast: Woe was I.

Anyway, punture repaired and having collected some additional bites, the rest of the day just got better and better. I have really enjoyed riding in Kansas, it is most definitely same, same, but different!

Flower: Mainly Pink
Pink Flower

Creature: Cattle
KS 96

Road: KS 96