April 13, 2024

Day 107: Cenes de la Vegas (Drive/Cycle/Walk/Cycle/Drive!)

I had one goal today, and that was to buy some good bread, which I achieved by about 10.30am (GMT+2).

I was up early (for me!), at about 7am, had breakfast and then drove to the outskirts of Granada. I then changed into clothing appropriate for cycling and walking. The previous night I'd researched possible good Panaderías and some other places I thought I may find interesting, such as, ice cream and coffee shops!

Anyhoo, I cycled into Granada; got some excellent bread at the second bread shop on my list; and so for the rest of the day I was free to do whatever I wanted, except for the grocery shopping and a petrol station stop, which were unavoidable chores.

Granada was very busy, I did walk out to the Alhambra, but did not enter because I had my bike with me!

I did have ice cream though, in fact I had two! The first, although highly rated, wasn't all that good, so a while later I had another elsewhere, which was a big improvement.

And so, as my penultimate day in my 50s draws to an end, I find myself parked up on the outskirts of Cenes de la Vegas, about 50 metres from the Genil river; the sun has recently set and immediately prior to that many a villager and their perro(s) descended on to the car park (effectively a dirt field) for walkies. It has settled down now and is pretty quiet; except for very distant traffic noise, the sound of insects and barking perros (currently the van is in full ventilation mode - i.e., all van oriffices are open - the temperature was up at 32°C in the van earlier today. Currently ( at 22:15) it is 22°C)!

  • Distance driven: 86 miles
  • Distance cycled: 12 kilometres
  • Weather: Blue skies, little wind and temperatures that are becoming ever more too hot for my liking!
  • Location: Google Maps