April 12, 2024

Day 106: Loja (Cycle)

Riding along with the wind coursing through my beard!

As yesterday's not so interesting cycling day recedes in the rear view mirror, the enjoyable scenic riding resumed today. The greatness of having a not so good cycling day is that you are then able to appreciate the good ones.

Imagine if every single day was at least no worse than good, you would not know or appreciate that it was so because it would become the norm from which everything thing else would be judged. By throwing in a shite day or two every now and again helps us to appreciate the good days!

The first port of call was Algarinejo - The self proclaimed Municipio del Olivo:

When you zoom out you can appreciate why they may have a point!

Then it was of to Montefrio, which is a very interesting pueblo:

Not having a panoramic camera, you have to do with a second photo, which shows the scene immediately to the left of the foregoing photo:

And a little way out of town there is this house sheltering underneath a rock overhang:

A very pleasant day out cycling; except for the two idiot car driver incidents: both thought it was okay to overtake at the same time as a car travelling in the opposite direction was passing me - unless they understand English I suspect the exact nature of my invective would have been lost on them but, my tone and accompanying two finger salute hopefully compensated for any language difficulties!

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 93 kilometres
  • Weather: Sunshine, wind and temperatures of the too high kind!

Today's route: