April 11, 2024

Day 105: Loja (Drive/Cycle)

The good news is that the rear brake worked as it should throughout today's 91 kilometre ride. Unfortunately, I'd have to say that the route itself wasn't the best but, perhaps my expectations have been raised following a succession of very good routes. Today's route was about 15-20 percent very good, the rest pretty unspectacular to mundane.

However, don't get me wrong, it was good to be out cycling in the sunshine. It is getting warmer and, this is mainly due to the wind not being so cool at lower levels: on my return it was 38°C inside the van - it has reduced to 27°C as I write this at about 7pm. Up at about 1000 metres it was pleasantly cooler, if a little windy.

The high point was at El Navazo (elevation ~1143 metres):

And snow can be seen on the Sierra Nevada:

  • Distance driven: 37 miles
  • Distance cycled: 91 kilometres
  • Weather: Warm and windy
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's route: