July 15, 2015

Day 115: Vermillion

Return of the headwinds! So I went to sleep with no wind, neither personally or metrologically. Only to awake in the night to hear the trees rustling and the tent shaking when the gusts came through. Clearly this was either a good or bad omen for the coming day's ride.

As it turned out, it was a bad omen: straight from the get go, it was a strong south-easterly wind. Yes, and for all but 1 mile of today's route I was either travelling south or east. So the wind was on the port bow when I headed south and on the starboard bow when heading east. So once again, I just had to relax and go against the flow! One consolation was that the wind meant that it was not so hot as yesterday.

So, you know how it is, you've set yourself the target of a particular location where you'll have a rest stop only to arrive at said location to discover that all is closed down, boarded up, not open on the day you turn up, closed due to holidays etc etc etc ..... well as I rode through Gayville it transpired that nowhere was open for refreshments. I can vouch that this is not good for morale. Disappointed descended and concern arose as I only had one bottle of water left for the next 30 odd miles of cycling But oh the joy when I got to the next rode junction and discovered that there was a gas/petrol station!