July 15, 2015

Day 116: Lewis and Clark State Park (Near Onawa)

Morning; Strong South to South-easterly headwinds ... blah blah blah .... you've heard it all before!

At some point I crossed into the State of Iowa. However, there was no sign to acknowledge this milestone (one big demerit for Iowa)

Rode to Sioux City where I visited a bike shop to order Rohloff hub servicing kit, chain and replace second broken spoke. Then it was off to the library to get access to a computer.

Afternoon: The wind dropped and the temperatures soured! And the humidity is ridiculously high, probably, ninety nine and three quarters percent!

As I write this in my tent at 10.30pm it is still in the 80s°F and, almost, naked in my tent I'm about to melt! Next purchase: a portable rechargeable fan (assuming that such a thing exists)