March 30, 2015

Day 12: Wickenburg

Meet Buck (75 year old, gun packing, gold prospector, with his 1970 RV in the background):

And here is a photo of some crystalline gold that he gave me:

So this morning it was oh so much cooler, at least until mid morning as the temperature increased to the too hot by midday. But obviously this was of no concern as compensation awaited me in the form of a "pulled pork" sandwich, in the Hog Trough (Richard and I ate there last year), that kept my mouth watering for 50 odd miles. So imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it was not only closed but, was in fact, shutdown! ........... Desire is the root cause of all suffering (so said Buddha, or some other dead, but oh so wise, philosopher!).

Fortunately, Bedoian's Bakery Bistro was less than 100 yards down the road. Where an excellent shish kebab was had, followed by chocolate ice cream and Illy coffee. So in the end, to quote good old G de M, "nothing is as good or as bad as it first seems".

And, finally, this jaunt along the Southern Tier Route comes to an end. Tomorrow it is onwards and upwards northwards. First stop Prescott, which includes about 4,000 ft of climbing!