March 28, 2015

Day 11: Salome (or thereabouts)

It has been very hot again today, but I think that I have coped with it better. Indeed , I think that I may have been a little dehydrated and not fed well, which may have had some bearing on my recent prevails. I need to be more careful, which obviously I already know. I'm sure that if Sue and Barb had been at hand this unlikely to have happened. Oh the joys of solo cycling!

Anyway, arrived in Salome at 12.45. It is now 3.15pm and i'm doing my best to update blog. Currently making my way through two scoops of ice cream (one vanilla, the other chocolate). This is what two scoops of ice cream look like around here:

Postscript: On leaving Don's Cacuts Bar I met three cyclists that are travelling from east to west. The girl (Toto, I think her name was, apologies if it is incorrect, but it definitely began with a T and had two syllables!) is off cycling the world! After San Diego it is Japan. The other two were ending their trip in San Diego. But, amazingly, one of them had ridden the previous two days, having unboxed his bike at Phoenix, without working brakes! The other two did not know how to rectify his error prone bike assembly, so it was left to me to make it roadworthy!