July 18, 2015

Day 122: Sioux City

So, after a 103 mile cycle I arrived back in Sioux City. It was a very hot ride with temperatures exceeding 100°F. Indeed, a young couple stopped and offered me thier wide brimmed hat so as to offer some protection from the Sun, which I graciously declined. But, although it was hot, there was a strong tailwind which upped the speed, which I was grateful for. Indeed, the heat simply meant that, in a vain attempt to keep cool, I had to consume additional milkshake and ice cream, which is always good.

On the way I passed back into Iowa. This time there was a sign:

Also, managed to get go Sioux City in time to pick up bike bits. So I'll do a second (and final, for this trip) oil change of the Rohloff.

As I write this at 9pm the wind has just gone from virtually still air to blowing a bastard and a storm is predicted to be on its way, so the Lewis and Clark Interpretation Center has been opened up for use as a storm shelter, which a few have taken advantage of. Meanwhile, I'm sat outside it charging my phone and writing this!