August 5, 2014

Day 141: McKenzie Bridge

Just the other day I was thinking about the quality of each day's cycling on this Trans Am tour and could not recall any day that was less than very good (even those days when chased by dogs). In various ways each and every day's ride has been a pleasure.

However, today was especially good. It started with coffee and almond croissant in the Sisters Coffee Shop. Followed by a very pleasant climb up to McKenzie Pass (5,325ft), accompanied most of the way by Sally.

At the pass there is an excellent visitor interpretation providing information on the volcanic geology of the area, accompanied by great views and the Dee Wright Observatory.

From there it was a 25 odd mile decent to McKenzie Bridge that included a most excellent section of hairpin bends.

The good news is that Sinclair and I will get to ride up it in a few weeks time!.

And now I'm in Rainbow, sat in the Takoda Restaurant about to watch Manchester United beat Liverpool (fingers crossed!).

Half time update: Oh dear, Liverpool are winning 0-1 (Gerrard Penalty 14th min). United no shots on goal!

Final Score: United win 3-1. The natural order of things may well be restored!