January 12, 2023

Day 15: Further North of Valencia

I have moved from a paid motorhome campsite to a municipal one, which is free. The maximum stay is 72 hours, but I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Not only is this new site free, which is obviously better, it has less road traffic noise, again, better! But, I'm okay with the previous place as it met the need of battery charging.

Here is a photo of my van at yesterday's location:

And, here's one at the new location:


  1. No night time mosquito invasions for the past two nights. That is, none since I moved from South Valencia. However, I have managed to acquire 3 new bites, which I think I picked up on yesterday's ride!
  2. The battery, having been on charge for about 45 hours, has an indicated status of needing to be charged, which is disappointing. However, all is not lost, the non charging voltage is up at about 13.5 volts, which is in the correct ballpark for a healthy battery. I am, therefore, hoping that the battery is ok and it is the battery status LED that is at fault.
  3. The bike is clean and the chain is re-lubricated with dry chain lube: it was very dusty on sections of yesterday's ride and I'm expecting the same tomorrow, so dry lube is the way to go.
  4. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fully remedy yesterday's mechanical. However, although not ideal, it is safe to ride. So ride it I shall tomorrow. (Note to self: don't forget to wear helmet!).

Distance driven: 5 miles
Distance cycled: ~1km (post fettle ride)
Location: Google Maps
Weather: Sunny
Mosquito count: 3 for the Mossies 0 for me!